OP650W Oil press

Oil press OP650W

Oil press Power: 650 W Capacity (max): 2 kg/h Efficiency (max): 50 % Cold pressed oils preserve nutrients Oil pot Pulp container Suitable for pressing: Seeds, Nuts


Icon - 30-minute cycle

30-minute cycle

Oil press can operate continuously for up to 30 minutes. This means your only task in this time is to keep the ingredient container full and to make sure there is enough space in the oil and cake containers. Thus you will be free to do other tasks during the pressing process.
Icon - Auger


Oil is extracted from seeds and nuts by rotating auger that crushes the ingredients and separates them into oil and the useful residue – the cake. The auger is made of outstandingly rigid stainless steel that is also very easy to clean. Rather than washing under running water, the metal part may be simply wiped clean with a dry kitchen cloth.
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Icon - Cold pressing

Cold pressing

Keeping the oil temperature below 49 °C during the pressing process allows the oil to retain its vitamins and minerals that may be destroyed at higher temperatures. Cold pressing technology only heats the ingredients to a temperature that allows extraction of oil. Cold pressed oils should be stored in tinted containers and in a cool place as they are, compared to industrially processed oils, more sensitive to light and will sooner lose their nutrients and genuine aroma at room temperature.
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Icon - Duo container

Duo container

Two containers are supplied with the appliance: an oil container fitted with a filter that eliminates any solids from the oil, and a larger container for collecting the cake. The containers are made of durable BPA-free materials.
Icon - Hopper


Installed directly above the auger, the hopper feeds the ingredients into the press with precision, relieving you of any worries as to whether you added too much or too little. The hopper has a capacity of 700 ml and can be easily removed and cleaned under running lukewarm water.
Icon - No stop function

No stop function

The oil press features a function that allows simply reversing the auger rotation to releasing any clogs of seeds and nuts. You will not have to empty or disassemble the appliance and the ingredients will always be fully used.
Icon - Rubber feet

Rubber feet

You can rest assured the appliance will not move over the counter during the pressing process. The rubber feet on the bottom of the appliance allow a firm grip and stability, which means safe use and no unpleasant surprises.
Icon - Safety first

Safety first

The appliance will only operate if the lid on the ingredient container is firmly and correctly in place. As another safety feature, the appliance will automatically stop in case of overheating or if the ingredient container is empty.

Technical details

Power: 650 W

Efficiency (max): 50 %

Cold pressed oils preserve nutrients

Suitable for pressing: Seeds, Nuts

Operation time (max): 30 min

Prolonged operation time

Easy cleaning

On/off button

Green operation indicator

Oil pot

Pulp container

Oil filter for best results

Cleaning brush for easy maintenance

Rubber feet for stability

Protective glove

Overheat protection for extra safety

Material: Plastic + metal

Auger material: Stainless steel

Capacity (max): 2 kg/h

Safety switch for perfect safety

Length electrical cord: 1.1 m

Dimensions (W×H×D): 18 × 30 × 35 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 23.2 × 46.7 × 36.5 cm

Net weight: 4.3 kg

Gross weight: 6.9 kg

Connected load: 650 W

Product code: 521962

EAN code: 3838942086243


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